Beating Celiac Disease

How to Survive and Thrive When Your Food Is Trying to Kill You

It’s currently estimated that 2 million people suffer from celiac disease in the United States alone, and over 75 million worldwide.

Despite being so widespread, it can take years to get diagnosed. And then what? How do you navigate the difficulties of completely eliminating gluten from your life – from your diet, your makeup, your medicine, and so on? And will you ever feel normal again?

Alyssa Perkins has been in your shoes. She lived with celiac symptoms for over a decade before being diagnosed, and she has dealt with all the ups and downs of it in the decade since then.

She is not a medical professional offering medical advice – she is someone who has years of personal experience fighting this disease, and she wants to share the benefits of that experience with you. You’ll find out about hidden sources of gluten, how to travel with celiac, how to deal with unclear food labels and ill-informed restaurants, and more. You can survive – and thrive!

Author: Alyssa Perkins, creator of The Cook and Chew Food Review!, an allergen-free recipe and review blog.