Shard ready for May release!

We are proud to announce Shard is ready for its planned May 4, 2021 release. It will be released in paperback, e-book, and audiobook versions.

Shard is the first volume in an exciting new YA Sci-fi trilogy revolving around a group of teenagers with the powers to control the elements. Not the same old earth, wind, and fire – the actual elements, the building blocks of the world. Living in a parallel reality where global terrorism has run rampant and privacy is a thing of the past, they survive in a shadowy world of espionage and life-or-death stakes, where every choice could they make could be their last.

Starring a diverse cast in a story filled with heart, humor, suspense, and action, Shard is perfect for fans of Marvel and Mission: Impossible.

It is the debut novel of A.M. Pierre, and we are very proud to be involved in presenting it to the world.

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